April 2015: Esteemed education institution Bank Street College names preschool books ALL FALL DOWN and PAT-A-CAKE to its list of BEST CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE YEAR-- hurrah!




ALL FALL DOWN Garners Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly!

"One might reasonably expect this board book from Barrett and Pham to riff on 'Ring Around the Rosie.' But while a scene featuring that game closes out the book, Barrett celebrates lightly destructive fun of all kinds, whether it involves toy blocks, sticks and stones, or dinner: 'Spoon potatoes in a mound,/ plopping green peas all around./ Plunk spoon and cup atop the plate./ Daddy reaches out—too late!/ All fall down!' Working in gouache, Pham offers a multicultural crew of kids who couldn’t be more excited about building things up and then sending them flying. Simultaneously available: Pat-a-Cake. Ages 2–5."



"All Fall Down shows the many things that can fall, from a tower of blocks to a mound of mashed potatoes. In Pat-a-Cake, toddlers start with a cake and move on to pat a kiwi, an acorn, a caterpillar, and more. Each scenario is illustrated with Pham’s exuberant artwork, featuring bright colors and happy children. Both books end with a picture of a family enjoying being together. While the words are different, Barrett has stayed faithful to the rhythm of the original rhymes, making both titles easy to read and enjoyable to hear."

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